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    Presenting the fundamental model in the “STUDIO D’ARTISAN & SA” jeans lineup, these original straight jeans are crafted from a robust 15oz denim. Woven on a cherished old shuttle loom, the fabric offers both sturdiness and comfort, showcasing a deep-dyed indigo hue. The dark color contributes to a gradual fading process, developing distinctive whiskers and Atari (fades) over time.

    Key Features:

    • Punched Copper Rivets
    • Original Goat Leather Patch
    • Button-fly
    • Blue Selvedge
    • 100% Cotton

    Embrace the enduring appeal of these jeans, where craftsmanship meets comfort in a classic silhouette. The thoughtful details, including punched copper rivets, an original goat leather patch, and a button-fly, complement the deep indigo tone that promises a beautiful and unique fading journey. The Blue Selvedge and 100% cotton composition further enhance the quality and authenticity of these timeless denim essentials.


    Introducing the “DO1” model from Studio D’Artisan, the embodiment of vintage denim craftsmanship. Crafted from Original 15oz. Unsanforized Natural Indigo Selvedge denim, this pair of jeans takes you back to the roots of denim fashion that made waves in the 1980s.

    Key Features:

    • Material: Composed of 100% cotton, this denim offers a unique texture achieved through a meticulous yarn composition using rough no. 6 yarns.
    • Fit: Embrace a Regular Straight fit, paying homage to the classic vintage denim silhouette.
    • Button Fly: A 4-button fly, featuring Original Studio D’Artisan buttons, and Selvedge button fly construction add a touch of authenticity to the design.
    • Hardware Detail: Engraved copper male/female rivets, heavy duck canvas pocket bags, and Fifth pocket Selvedge detail showcase the attention to detail in the hardware.
    • Back Pocket: Featuring SDA original back pocket stitch and a leather waistband patch, this pair is a true representation of Studio D’Artisan’s commitment to originality.
    • Adjustable Cinch Back: The jeans are fitted with an adjustable Selvedge cinch back fastener, a nostalgic nod to vintage Selvedge jeans from a bygone era.


    • Replication: The “DO1” is crafted by meticulously replicating the uneven texture of the fabric seen in vintage pieces. The rough no. 6 yarn composition adds to the authenticity.
    • Dyeing Technique: The yarns undergo a dyeing process 20 times, utilizing the traditional Kasezome (skein dyeing) technique by skilled craftsmen in Tokushima.

    Vintage Salute: The “DO1” model stands as Studio D’Artisan’s “Genesis” model, paying homage to the roots that stormed the vintage denim scene. These jeans are more than just denim; they are a salute to a bygone era, capturing the essence of craftsmanship and style that defined an iconic period in denim fashion.