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Brown's Beach Cloth is instantly recognisable due to it unique construction, made from a wool cotton mix the outer shell is of a tough woven cotton, while the backing is a soft 'reclaimed' wool, giving it very warm and tough properties
Brown's Beach clothing was used for almost any activity from labouring to recreational use and was so poplar that the designs and construction barely changed for 60 years
Now reproduced by Full Count, the cloth is still as warm and durable as it was from 1901 to 1960 and now beyond
  • Constructed from 74% Wool & 26% Cotton
  • Twisting of two different coloured threads gives the distinctive salt and pepper tone to the fabric
  • Sport Coat Design, with Rounded Collar
  • 2 Coat and 1 U shaped pockets
  • Brown's Beach label with original text on collar and inside of garment
  • Produced by Full Count & Co
  • Made in Japan