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1110XXW Tapered Denim Washed 15.5 Oz from Full Count. Full Count are known and respected for producing among the finest modern interpretations of vintage jeans on the planet. The 1110 has a high rise on the waist, the thigh is narrow and falls straight down from the knee, creating a naturally narrow silhouette. It is said that this model is based on the vintage 502 XX-model. The denim has a weight of 15.5 oz made from 100% Zimbabwean cotton. 

The cotton is picked only once a year. The reason for this reflects the principles on which the company was founded, quality and authenticity. By simply picking the cotton once a year, the length and shape of each thread is allowed to maintain its original feel, eliminating the short, broken feel of modern production technology. Zimbabwean cotton is known for its thread count, and provides a luxurious soft and durable denim when woven. Once the cotton is collected, it is woven at Shinya Mills on the same vintage denim looms used to make Levi's denim. Goat skin leather patch. Made in Japan.